Rather than observing history passively (like passing through a museum), you can rent Ballyhannon Castle, one of the few historic Celtic castles Ireland has left, and experience medieval Ireland of centuries past by actually staying in the castle, and thereby interactively living in that medieval era. It has been carefully furnished with antiques to maintain that experience.


Upon entering the medieval entrance arch of Ballyhannon, visitors to the Castle have, almost without exception, described their first impression as "if having just stepped from a time machine, an immediate sense of having been transported back in time through turbulent centuries of Irish history. The impact of this rare and authentic castle’s historic appeal and significance is literally instant. Six-feet thick battle-impenetrable walls, winding spiral stone staircase, oak-beamed ceilings and flagstone floors will offer you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience how they lived back in 1490 when Ballyhannon Castle was built".


Built during the Golden Age of castle-building (and therefore among the finest of the Celtic castles Ireland had designed and built in the 15th century), Ballyhannon Castle is described by a historian as being of atypical internal design, and of the medieval Celtic castles Ireland has available for rent for exclusive self-catering vacation rental, it is virtually unequalled in its original intact external and internal preservation despite the ravages of time. It is almost unique among medieval Irish Castles for rent which are still in use just as it was nearly 600 years ago.


For those of you who don’t wish to compromise on all of your present day comforts, modern conveniences and appliances have been sensitively and discreetly incorporated into this 600 years old castle. That said, it must be emphasised that this is a 15th century castle in every other sense.



©2004 Ballyhannon Castle, Quin, County Clare, Ireland


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